Svin (DEN)


SVIN – psychedelic experimental music, bordering the lines of post-rock and experimental jazz. From Copenhagen
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Booking territory : Europe (minus Scandinavia)
Label : Pony Rec./Mom Eat Dad Records


09.26.16 DE Bamberg, Alte Seilerei
09.29.16 DE Augsburg, City Club
10.01.16 CH Geneva, Klavingrad
10.03.16 DE Munich, Lothringer13 Halle
10.05.16 SK Bratislave, Fuga
10.06.16 CZ Brno, Kabinet MÚZ
10.07.16 DE Berlin, Tiefgrund
10.08.16 PL Poznan, LAS


SVIN is an unorthodox approach to instrumental music. They celebrate freedom in music and hails independence, love and limitless diversity in art!
In working with their fourth studioalbum “Missionær” SVIN left their old habits behind and turned their way of composing and playing upsidedown to reinvent themselves.
In December 2015 they travelled to Iceland to record at the legendary Sundlaugin Studio, established by Sigur Rós. Over the course of 10 intense days, the band went into symbiosis with the grand Icelandic nature and recorded the most melodic and epic work till this date, inspired by recordings of both gushing waterfalls and repetitive machines.
Missionær is moving across the borderlands between abstract rock, drone-based folklore and ambient noise. Behind layers of polyrhytmic drums, floating keyboards, roaring saxophone and explosive guitar they have made room for airy, meditating melodies and circulating motifs.
Their debut Heimat from 2011, SECRETLY WE ARE GAY FROM 2013 and their latest selftitled album from 2015 made an extremely positive impression on the Danish and international music scene. Recent years they have been touring heavily, playing on festivals and clubs all over Europe and Russia.
In the fall of 2016 SVIN will go on a tour through Denmark and a 3 week tour through Europa where they will present the music from Missionær as well as new material.
Their new self-titled album was released April 3rd 2015 on PonyRec. Through massive drums, oriental guitars and melodic horns SVIN sends cascades of psychedelic drones out in the atmosphere. This, their third album features simple, poetic melodies swept in alternating primitive sonic textures. The diverse nature of the album is a reflection of the hardworking process, SVIN has been through in the last couple of years.